Gyrowheel - Self-Stabilizing Training Wheel

Posted: January 26, 2013
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Anyone who's tried to teach a kid to ride a bike without training wheels knows that teaching a kid to ride a bike without training wheels is kind of a pain in the ass. First of all, they have trouble following simple instructions, such as "Hold the handlebars straight," and "Don't fall over." Second, they make unreasonable demands, such as "Don't let go!" and "Daddy, my face is bleeding! I want to go home!" Third, the process typically takes more than 10 minutes of a perfectly good Saturday for playing golf. Or it used to, anyway.

Fathers, grandfathers, father figures, favorite uncles, baby daddies who drift in and out of the picture, anyone with little time and patience who finds himself with an eager child and a two-wheeled bicycle, may I present to you Gyrobike's Gyrowheel!

A self-stabilizing front wheel for children's bikes, the Gyrowheel isn't just the next step up from training wheels, it bypasses them altogether. When powered on, the Gyrowheel's internal balancing system compensates for kids' predisposition to wobbliness, keeping them upright at low speeds as they muddle through the traditionally frustrating and accident-prone peddle-and-steer process. With the aid of a Gyrowheel, some tots can learn the basics of two wheeling in as little as 10 minutes. (Those are the ones you should enroll in sports early on, and perhaps hire a private coach for, as they have the best shot at going pro at something and financially supporting the rest of the family.)

Gyrowheels have 3 stability settings for gradually reducing the amount of assistance provided as children gain skills and confidence. Wheels come with internal rechargeable batteries and a power adapter. Two sizes, 12" and 16", are available in a few different color options.

If you have a true cycling prodigy on your hands, forget the training wheels and the Gyrowheels, and head straight for the Self-Balancing Unicycle.

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