Electric Paper Airplane Kit

Posted: August 04, 2012
Electric Paper Airplane Kit
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Weeeee! Here comes the airplane! And this time it's powered by a rechargeable electric module instead of elbow grease or, worse, pureed Gerber carrots. The Electric Paper Airplane Kit adds a definitive boost to the winged origami creations of kiddos and adultos alike. ("Adulto", now there's a word. Does that have an Urban Dictionary definition yet?) After a mere 20-second charge in the kit's included bequeather of juice, the PowerUp module is ready for paperclipping to homemade airplanes, which will then take off for 30+-second scenic flights around the backyard, through the living room, and into the pot of marinara simmering on the stove.

The PowerUp Electric Paper Airplane Kit comes with a super durable, lightweight carbon fiber flight mechanism, an extra propeller, and the charger. Chargers require 3 x 1.5V AA alkaline batteries, which are not included.

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