Benny the Jumping Bull Inflatable Hopper

Posted: February 16, 2017
Benny the Jumping Bull Inflatable Hopper
$24.95 - $29.99
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Dude! Where was Benny the Jumping Bull and his sick Zorro mask when I was a kid in need of a sidekick (and means of transportation!) for acting out my superhero fantasies? And look. That little girl in the photo isn't even wearing a cape or holding a shield while she's riding him. All the best inventions are wasted on today's youth! Wasted!

Benny the Jumping Bull comes with a hand pump his breeders say will take him from two-dimensional to bouncy, bouncy in about 5 minutes. The hoppers are made of thick, safety-tested rubber approved for repeated journeys up and down the driveway, and across the backyard. In addition to being the funnest thing ever, kids will find Benny helps train their balance and coordination, and also gives them quite the bullish workout.

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