Automatic Domino Train Set

Posted: December 20, 2022
Automatic Domino Train Set
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Letting an Automatic Domino Train build all your kids' domino runs for them prevents them from practicing key physical and mental skills. Hand-eye coordination. Visual perception. Problem-solving. Concentration. Patience. Creativity.

On the other hand, what's the difference? By the time they're old enough to apply those skills in a meaningful way, robots and AI will be doing everything for all of us. All you really need to teach them is to yell commands at technology. So I guess the Automatic Domino Train Set is a great gift for kids after all!

The Automatic Domino Train Set consists of a battery-powered train, domino racks that fill and insert into the top of the engine, and 60 multi-colored domino blocks. In action, the train deposits dominos out its caboose at 1.5 cm increments. A button on the train allows you to change its direction and create run patterns, which the kiddos can then knock down by hand, or by recruiting the train to do their work for them once again.

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