Anatomy Apron with Removable Organs

Posted: April 15, 2021
Anatomy Apron with Removable Organs
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This Anatomy Apron and its removable organs is intended for teachers to use in the classroom (or, uh, the Zoomroom) to help kids learn about human anatomy. And I think that's a pretty good idea.

But I also think the Anatomy Apron with removable organs would be a good thing for anyone, teacher or not, to wear out in public when they want other people to stay away from them. I myself have gotten kind of used to this social distancing thing. Being able to stand in line without a rando breathing on me, or yapping at his friend / phone in my ear. Not having to make small talk, or even say hello to strangers. Not seeming rude when I see someone coming towards me on the sidewalk and cross the street to stay the hey away from them. I feel like these COVID protocols that I actually enjoy will be coming to an end as soon as public mask orders do.

But wearing an Anatomy Apron, covered in colorful stuffed organs, most notably a red bladder bullseye, well. That could generate my very own social distancing sphere even better than a global pandemic.

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