Alien Plush Toys

Posted: November 02, 2019
Alien Plush Toys
$19.99 - $37.99
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These Alien Plush Toys are made of non-allergenic and non-toxic materials. I mean, on the outside. On the inside they probably have stores and stores of radioactive outer space goo and mind-controlling gases they'll start emitting and injecting into you the second you make eye contact. (Do it. The last image in the gallery above. I dare you.)

Weird, creepy, definitely a thing that makes you go hmmm, and...yet...just so huggable. Alien Plush Toys come 3-Bears-style in Papa (39.3"), Mama (31.4"), and Baby (23.6") sizes. Buy them individually, add a set of them to your oddities collection, or wrap them up as a gift for a kid you don't like.

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