Wine Escape Room Game

Posted: November 30, 2021
Wine Escape Room Game
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My wife has never been a fan of escape rooms. She says they make her nervous. (The truth: she just hates group projects, or collaborating with other people on anything, in any capacity whatsoever.) However. I believe if there were a bottle of wine - say something red, Italian, and expensive - whose consumption were dependent on her participation and escape, she might reconsider her position.

The Wine Escape Room Game is definitely going on my list of gifts for She-Ra: Princess of Power. If you're searching for oeno-themed holiday gifts for women, or men, this year, this "wine-fuelled twist on the classic escape room game" might be just what you're looking for too.

The Wine Escape Room Game sees a bottle of wine - sold separately - caged up and secured inside with a combination lock. To free it for uncorking and imbibing, players must solve 4 stages of puzzles, each one presumably granting you one of the 4 numbers on the lock.

The cage included in the Wine Escape Room Game fits any standard bottle of wine, plus bubbles and some spirits bottles. It can be replayed over and over, which is even better news for the game's original gift recipient, who can solve the puzzles, down a nice bottle of wine, and then regift the Wine Escape Room Game next year.

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