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Posted: April 06, 2014
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Don't be fooled into thinking the Toroflux kinetic sculpture is just some stupid bracelet-slinky-figuratively-one-dimensional-girl-and-baby toy like I was. Watch the video. Like, beyond the first 10 seconds when the dude is just doing a bunch of melodramatic wrist flailing. It's at about second 15 that the real flow begins. And then: cooooool. Well I think it's cool anyway. And apparently so easy to manipulate that even a clumsy 4-year-old girl can make the Toroflux look good.

Seriously. The video goes on to show a clumsy 4-year-old-girl flowing the Toroflux like a pro.

The Toroflux is a tactile, interactive spring toy that could spawn a tactile, interactive spring toy addiction. In addition to bouncing effortlessly from a set of flat stacked rings to a lolling 3D wonder of geometry, the Toroflux can ripple up and down its holder's arms, flow seamlessly from arm to arm, or dance along a tightrope better than a bear in a tutu on a two-wheeler. The effect, described by maker Flow Toys as "a metallic soap bubble", is almost as mesmerizing too.

The Toroflux is made of a single strand of thin metal. As a kinetic sculpture, this bit of information doesn't have to concern you, but as an interactive toy it means the piece will deform and not handle as designed if bent or if any of its coils is pulled too hard. So keep it away from Man Hands.

The Toroflux is a Dude Gift for Kids and Gift for Teens pick.

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