Presidential Knife Fight: The Game

Posted: September 29, 2016
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Let me just address 2 points about Presidential Knife Fight: The Game up front. 1) It's a card game, not some Mortal Kombat-Pokemon Go hybrid that lets you find and collect past American Presidents to duke it out with acquired weapons and MMA skills in the White House Gym. Sorry. 2) Yep, you just saw an image of President Bush Sr. Waving While Wielding. Take that Putin Riding a Bear.

In Presidential Knife Fight players compete to stab their way to inauguration as Supreme President of These United States. The game, which builds off existing games like Bang!, consists of 43 President cards, each of whom is armed with a knife and a set of abilities based on events and actions that occurred during his time in office. PKF players receive 3 President cards at the start of the game, and choose one of them to fight with. Then they announce their candidacy by reading aloud the card's data: President name; political party; whether or not he was a slave owner; and his abilities. Players also get 3 Action cards, which help their Supreme P candidate attack other presidents, survive attacks, or change the flow of the game.

Players get 3 actions per turn, and can choose to draw new cards, play action cards, activate their pres's ability, and/or stab the president next to them. Successful moves and surviving rounds without getting stabbed earn players votes. The first play to accumulate 5 votes wins the knife fight and takes office as US history's greatest leader.

Check out complete rules and pledge for your own copy of Presidential Knife Fight: The Game on Kickstarter through October 27, 2016.

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