Ping Pong Dining Table

Posted: November 04, 2019
Ping Pong Dining Table
$5,600 - $6,200
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It's meant to be a joint activity. A new game room sport: ping pong dining. Once your Thanksgiving dinner is laid out on the ping pong dining Table, once the turkey is carved (enhance the live action gaming fun with a chainsaw carving knife), and everyone's plate is filled, hand out the paddles and tell Grandpa it's his serve.

Yeah, I'm not really sure where ping pong dining would go from there. Maybe use a beach ball instead of the traditional bouncy white one. Divide family members into teams based on the side of the net their chair is on, and have them bat the ball back and forth, trying to shove in bites of food in between hits. Opposing team gets a point if you miss the ball, or stab yourself with your fork.

No good? I guess you'll have to ping pong and dine separately with the ping pong dining table then.

A handmade piece from Sawyer Twain, the Winston Walnut Ping Pong table is the type of indoor sporting good that can truly double as a piece of home decor, as well as a functional dinner table. It's made of a solid walnut body, with maple rails and walnut aprons and legs. It's a standard ping pong table size of 9' long x 5' wide, and 30" high. As a dining table, that converts to roomy seating for 10. Chairs not included.

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