LEGO Star Wars Sculptural Helmets

Posted: April 03, 2021
LEGO Star Wars Sculptural Helmets
$49.99 - $69.99
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Hey kids, guess what time it is? LEGO time! Nope, not for you, son. This LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader Helmet is for those of us over 18. In fact, the whole series of LEGO Star Wars Sculptural Helmets, from Stormtrooper to Scout Trooper, with Boba Fett and a TIE Fighter Pilot joining Vader's empirical ranks in between, is for adults only. In other words, not you, me!

Like LEGO's Star Wars-themed buildable posters, the Star Wars Sculptural Helmets are grownup models of the building bricks we never quite grow out of. Assembled sets produce 3D display pieces, with helmets ranging in piece count from 471 (Scout Trooper) to 834 (Vader).

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