High Ball: An Electronic Game for the Seriously Baked

Posted: December 31, 2019
High Ball: An Electronic Game for The Seriously Baked
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Ring in 2020 with a highball and a High Ball. For the former I recommend a Sex on the Beach. And for the latter, a nugget of Blue Dream and this LED-based motion-sensing game for the seriously baked.

For Silicon Valley High Ball is kind of a lit-up (yep) version of Always blue, always blue, always blue.... It has two modes: High Mode; and Really High Mode. In High Mode, handed off from stoned friend to stoned friend, the player up must test their coordination and dexterity by finding the correct LED color before time runs out. There are 8 levels requiring increasing reflexes and speed. The High Ball keeps score, and lets you know who in your group is best able to defy the THC coursing through their veins.

In (my preferred) Really High Mode, there are no winners or losers, dude. Here the High Ball just about chillaxin' as you go on "unique, sensory journeys of interactive lights and original music."

If you're over all the party games requiring you to think about numbers and words, or if you'd like something more tactile to complement your adventures with the Serpent-01, check out the High Ball.

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