Hasbro Foosketball

Posted: January 08, 2021
Hasbro Foosketball

Foosketball is the tabletop game hybrid I never knew I always needed. Foosball meets basketball, baby. It's right up there with the Pizza Hut Foosball Pizza Box, but maybe a little under it because the latter incorporates a delicious edible pizza with its foosball rather than just another sport.

Developed by Hasbro, Foosketball is a "game of skill, timing, technique, and a bit of luck" that allows 2 players ages 8 and up to go head-to-head in competition. No court or 10' hoop, no braving negative winter wind chills, and no 45' inflatable required.

Though, indeed, the Human Foosball Table is probably a lot more fun than any tabletop game out there.

Even if Mama Boucher tries to forbid you from playing any Foos-ket-ball, you can buy the foosball-basketball mashup beginning January 12, 2021.

Muchas danke to Gizmodo.

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