Free Pong - Beer Pong Meets Darts

Posted: May 06, 2021
Free Pong - Beer Pong Meets Darts
$29 - $45
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Free Pong isn't just beer pong meets darts. It's also art meets party, a minimalist, geometric piece of wall decor that converts into a rowdy drinking game ready to get you sloppy sloshed on a Saturday night.

The Free Pong board is a simple Baltic Birch triangle made to resist wear and warping with 5-ply solid veneer construction. Enhancing its home decor suitability are the board's equally simple laser engravings, lines drawn to look like mountains. The board mounts to a wall, indoors or out, with removable 3M Command strips.

To convert Free Pong from decor to drinking game, you'll install a set of 6 brackets into laser-cut notches in the board, and fill them with red cups, or your favorite beer pong receptacle. Free Pong creator, Zootility, uses patent-pending Tension Grip Technology to lock the brackets and cups in place (i.e., no spillage) even if you pong! them with hard shots.

Zootility sees moving beer pong to the vertical domain of darts as a quicker, cleaner, less space consuming way to play the game. And unlike darts, a missed shot won't destroy your wall, it will just bounce back to you.

If you're interested in taking your beer pong fun to the wall, and getting drunk on your artwork, you can pledge for a Free Pong set on Kickstarter through May 31, 2021. The game is expected to ship the following month.

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