Craighill Venn Puzzle

Posted: July 08, 2020
Craighill Venn Puzzle
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Craighill's tagline is "Nurturing curiosity by design," and I think those words are as simple and elegant as the Craighill Desk Knife we saw a couple years ago, and the Craighill Venn Puzzle before us now.

Well, for the Venn Puzzle, I guess it depends on which definition of the word "simple" you're planning to use.

The mechanical Venn is made up of 3 identical die-cast stainless steel pieces that fit together to form a knotted-circle kind of shape about the size of a pool ball. And about the weight of a rack of baby back ribs. The Venn Puzzle clocks in at an impressive 1 pound 12 ounces, so I guess part of the challenge is lifting and manipulating the puzzle, not just solving it.

At least once the muscles in your hands, arms, and brain are screaming for a release from the effort, the Venn Puzzle comes with a snazzy brass display stand to store it on while you replenish your physical and mental stores, and prepare to try again.

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