The Pantera Claw

Posted: November 26, 2013
The Pantera Claw

I don't know if the Pantera Claw looks cooler than the Wolverine-esque claw we previously showed you--I should have had the forethought to consult on this topic with the bearded grandmaster modeling the latter version--but it does look cleaner. Simpler. Free of simulated bones and faux skulls populating its anterior. A set of hand daggers for the minimalist.

Pantera's claws extend from four knuckle-duster-style finger holes to assist with grip. About 8-1/2" of 440 stainless steel comprises each of the 3 blades, described as "razor sharp!" I'm slightly skeptical of this description. The last time I believed it when that terms was used to describe a fantasy weapon I bought from the Internet I ended up with 27 stitches and koala bear bite scars on my neck. Still, I think the Pantera Claw will suffice for air fights in front of the mirror, so...Add to Cart, please.

Hand claws of the ninja persuasion include a black painted wood wall plaque for Pantera securing and display.

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