Wolverine Style Hand Claw Dagger

Posted: August 20, 2011
Wolverine Style Hand Claw Dagger
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What the WTF Amazon? You're in the weapons trade now? These costume-y looking hand claws have real blades of razor-sharp, 10"carbon steel, which make them exponentially and disturbingly more portentous than actual claws. The best - meaning the worst - part is the claw has an easy, ergonomic grip, and wraparound wrist cord to make sure no one can snatch it from you. Even a child could use it! So, perfect for your next cage fight with a tiger, but entirely inappropriate for pretty much any other use.

Except maybe piercing and flipping meat. Hmmm, like at my summer BBQs. Where these daggers of steel could split a dozen brats down their midlines in 10 seconds flat. Or sling a triumvirate of burgers dripping with charcoal-infused perfection onto perfectly toasted buns. Or possibly impale any uninvited werewolves attracted to the scent of steaks I'll sear to a succulently juicy, blood-red rare. Aw man, Hand Claw = my ticket to undisputed title of Grill Master.

OK, I guess I kind of see the appeal.

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