PixelWhip Fiber Optic Dance Whip

Posted: June 29, 2017
PixelWhip Fiber Optic Dance Whip
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FiberFlies' PixelWhip is more than just your color-changing fiber optic whip for the bedroom club. Think about all the fun you could have with it on the bed 4th of July. Especially if your girlfriend town isn't down with traditional S&M toys fireworks.

The PixelWhip's 80+ fibers extend a far-reaching and eye-catching* 6' from its hilt. A single button controls both on / off operation, as well as switching between a full spectrum of LED colors and light modes.

Bring out your inner baton twirler and create a multi-dimensional PixelWhip light show. Snake and thrash the fibers around and through your body, forming an optical illusion of swirling helixes and frozen light points! Or just, like, whip it.

Whip it good.

Unlike sparklers and bottle rockets, the PixelWhip is good for many, many uses. It comes with a rechargeable li-on battery, charger, and carrying case.

*Hopefully not literally; be careful PixelWhipping this thing around.

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