Darksaber Blade

Posted: June 04, 2021
Darksaber Blade
$50 - $135
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The Darksaber Blade has one question for you: got hilt? Jay of Jay's Blades makes the Star Wars-inspired black sabers from 1/2" clear acrylic plastic, finishing them in their trademark color with coiled etchings. But House Vizsla members and Moff Gideons here on Earth who want to wield the Mandalorian blade will need to own or acquire the hilt separately - this listing is for the blade only.

Jay's Darksaber Blades measure approximately 32" long, and have blunted tips and edges. They are made to fit in-hilt LED lightsabers with a 1" diameter blade socket. Some examples include the Shadowblade V2 from the Pach Store, Darksai from Kaizen Sabers, and most Ultrasabers and Saberforge hilts.

If you're committed enough to splurge for one of the hilts too, the Darksaber Blade would make a great Star Wars gift for both original franchise and Mandalorian fans.

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