The Emperor's Hand Lightsaber

Posted: December 09, 2017
The Emperor's Hand Lightsaber
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Ultra Sabers' new lightsaber settles it: I'd definitely rather be the Emperor's Hand in the Star Wars saga than the Hand of the King in the Game of Thrones. Made for combat from T6 aircraft aluminum, the Emperor's Hand is filled with regal design details and embellishments, and comes with a host of customizable features.

The saber hilt measures 1.5" wide and 11.5" long and includes a removable emitter and pommel (MHS compatible) in your choice of silver or black. The Emperor's Hand also has a polycarbonate UltraBlade, which you can choose to illuminate with an RGBW or RGBA LED. Additional U-Pick options, 19 in total, include:

  • Silver or black screws around the grip.
  • Angled or squared activation box.
  • Blade color. 13 options from Blazing Red to Sunrider's Destiny to Bane's Heart.
  • Diamond Flash on Clash and Diamond Pulse Mode colors. The same 13 options as above.

The Emperor's Hand Lightsaber can accommodate sound installs and Emerald & Diamond LED driver installs as well.

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