Zombie Hand Bookmark

Posted: March 06, 2012
Zombie Hand Bookmark
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Etsy artist Anna Sternik was sick of busting her ass slaying zombies, and then getting stuck with piles and piles of their leftover parts. She tried selling them to Chinese restaurants, and on Craig's List Germany, but still ended up with more extremities than takers. So, ever the resourceful annihilator of the walking dead, Sternik decided to hack off their hands and forearms, and turn them into a line of gruesomely practical bookmarks! Each bookmark is made out of two, 2.4-inch polymer clay hands covered in acrylic paints, and buyers even have the option of designing the hands' look, bloodiness, and number of severed phalanges themselves.

Zombie hand bookmarks all ship in a black coffin gift box for your own macabre pleasure, or to up the creep factor when you present a set to your pastor 'cause he always seems to bumble around for his place in the Bible during the Sunday sermon.

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