Trejo's Cantina

Posted: April 28, 2023
Trejo's Cantina
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Trejo's Cantina is one of Danny Trejo's restaurants and, as of April 18, 2023, one of Danny Trejo's cookbooks. Trejo's Cantina: Cocktails, Snacks & Amazing Non-Alcoholic Drinks from the Heart of Hollywood is a 100-recipe fiesta, focusing on low-key food and drinks to serve in high-energy environments.

Trejo's Cantina has a little something for everyone, including plant-based and vegetarian dishes in recipes for Vegan Tamales and Fight Night Nachos, and non-alcoholic Mexican drinks, such as Agua Frescas and a Cacao Chile Smoothie. Carnivores and boozers are covered too if they cook up some Tijuana-Style Birria and Danger Dogs, and wash them down with a Oaxacan Mule. Or a Guaco-Colada. Yes, that is an avocado pina colada. Yes, it sounds questionable, but not so weird I wouldn't try it, to me too.

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