This Book Will Make You Sh!t Yourself

Posted: July 10, 2020
This Book Will Make You Sh!t Yourself
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Not sure I need anything else to make me "sh!t myself" these days, but who can resist a new book's declaration that This Book Will Make You Sh!t Yourself? Especially when the title is followed by the subtitle Unexplained Events, Shocking Conspiracy Theories and Unbelievable Truths to Scare the Cr*p Out of You.

While I did see something about Wayfair and sex trafficking on Twitter this morning, I've been feeling a little emotionally constipated this week, so OK, book. Make me sh!t myself.

Written by James Proud - who else to mess with your mind but a man whose name conveys smugness? - This Book Will Make You Sh!t Yourself is a collection of chilling stories that cover everything from the real and unexplained, the weird but true, urban legends, and, Reddit's favorite, "mind-bending conspiracy theories."

This Book Will Make You Sh!t Yourself may be an accurate statement, and an enticing one for all you dudes and ladies begging to be shocked and awed. But don't forget, the actual process of shitting yourself, and the lingering after-effects of doing so, are probably going to...stink.

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