This Book Is a Planetarium

Posted: August 30, 2017
This Book Is a Planetarium
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This Book Is a Planetarium picks up right where your homemade eclipse viewer skills left off. You don't even need an empty Rice Krispies box or aluminum foil. Kelli Anderson's collection of functional doohickies are all included in the book, and they all come preassembled. As pop-ups.

This Book Is a Planetarium: And Other Extraordinary Pop-Up Contraptions contains 6 terrific tools to help pass your free time or, if you're like me, your dragging hours at work. Between the covers of the hardbound tinkerer's shop lie:

  • A working planetarium that projects the constellations.
  • A stringed and strummable musical instrument.
  • a geometric drawing generator.
  • A perpetual calendar.
  • A message decoder.
  • A sound-amplifying speaker.

Alongside each pop-up Anderson explains the principles behind the feats of science and paper, and gives guidance on how to get interactive with them. An inexpensive and easily acquired gift for a geek, This Book Is a Planetarium should send a rush of good times down the spines of all who turn its popping pages.

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