The WWE Encyclopedia

Posted: June 16, 2013
The WWE Encyclopedia
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I gained a new respect for the "fake" sport of WWF* wrestling after seeing that horribly depressing movie The Wrestler with Mickey Rourke and watching those guys move through the ranks by pulling moves like body slamming one another on piles of thumbtacks. Owwwwwch! I almost pass out when my mama has to use a needle to remove a splinter from my finger. These vaudevillian matches may be choreographed, and their winners pre-determined, but the pain their wrestlers experience is real, man. The pain is real.

This updated and expanded WWE Encyclopedia swells, contorts, and oozes with more than a thousand wrestling superstars chokeslammed and F-5'd across 400 full-color pages. It pays respect to the dawn of the showiest of all shows, including the early fighters of the 1960s, and travels through the next 5 decades, up to spotlights of today's superstars. As one Amazon reviewer points out:

I give this book a 5 star rating because it deserves it. It allowed me to interact with our children by showing them wrestlers of my generation and reading facts about theirs. I showed my parents and they were amazed that this book contained people they knew. Definitely a conversational piece.

See, the WWE Encyclopedia: bringing the generations together through controlled violence, neon spandex, women in bikinis, and fake tans.

*Even though we are more than a decade into the change, nostalgia and stubbornness prohibit me from partaking in this WWE executive re-imaging due to World Wildlife Fund copyright infringement bullshit. However, I do approve of the Federation's decision to use an ad campaign entitled "Get the F out" to announce its decision to make the change.

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