The Trump Coloring Book

Posted: January 02, 2016
The Trump Coloring Book
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Whether you're for or against him, MG Anthony has compiled thousands of black lines and white space that will set you up to "show The Donald in his true colors." And I have to say, The Trump Coloring Book does a pretty darn good job of putting the man to ink. Do a good enough fill-in job with your Crayolas and that drawing of Trump shaking hands with an alien could be a photograph. And of course, if neither exalting nor bastardizing Donald Trump is your cup of tea / pint of IPA / shot of tequila, click over here to check out Hillary: The Coloring Book, or over here for 2016 Presidential Campaign Coloring Book: The Adult Coloring Book with Clinton, Trump, Sanders, Rubio & even more idiots.

I myself am apolitical and will be serenely watching everyone else duke it out with their weapons of mass hue & saturation on the sidelines with my copy of Doodle Dogs: Stress-Relieving Dog Designs.

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