The Time Traveler's Handbook

Posted: June 08, 2016
The Time Traveler's Handbook
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No, The Time Traveler's Handbook isn't a next generation Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Think less science fiction and more nonfiction. Major events in world history, to be exact. Wait, don't click away yet! I'm pretty sure the whole point of the clever title and steampunk-y book cover was to show this isn't just another pedantic, boring retelling of facts. The Time Traveler's Handbook authors Johnny Acton, David Goldblatt, and James Wyllie aim to put you inside of these stories. They want you to feel like an eye-witness to everything from the fall of the Berlin Wall to Woodstock, the Boston Tea Party to the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius.

The Time Traveler's Handbook treats readers as vacationers who have decided to hit up the past instead of Palm Beach this year. Each of the book's "trips" is an immersive experience that doesn't just recount the facts of the event, but also gives color to cultural details from the period--what to eat, where to eat it, what to wear, how to act like a local, and, in some cases, how to get out alive.

The Time Traveler's Handbook includes 18 experiences to complement your summer vacation (or sub in for it if you're stuck at home this year). They're divided into the following categories: Celebrations & Exhibitions; Moments That Made History; Cultural & Sporting Spectaculars; Epic Journeys and Voyages; and Extreme Events.

Muchas danke to werd.

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