The Official Old's Cool Books

Posted: May 17, 2020
The Official Old's Cool Books
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Not only should "Old's cool!" be the official slogan of dad-joking dads across the nation, but The Official Old's Cool book series might should also be their official Father's Day gift this year.

Oneupmanship describes their Old's Cool 3-volume set as the "smart aleck's guide to the good life." It includes The Official Old's Cool Handbook: A Man-Up Manual for Smart Alecks, The Official Old's Cool Black Book: A Gentleman's Primer, and The Official Old's Cool Read Book: A Classical Eduction.

Though rooted in humor and entertainment, the book set still endeavors to impart some wisdom and training. Sprinkled throughout are trivia, games, and quizzes that take you fishing with Einstein, into the arena of wordplay, and back to Old's Cool old school with a Latin language exercise. There are also how-to sections on making soap, writing Hollywood blockbusters and thank-you notes, and performing brain surgery.

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