The Golden Girls Cookbook

Posted: October 13, 2020
The Golden Girls Cookbook
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Oh boy, Golden Girls Cookbook, I can't wait for my wife to make me some treats from St. Olaf! "Oooh, what's this delectable baked goodness, my darling She-Ra: Princess of Power?"

"Lindstrom Surprise, my darling Dude."

"Mmm, it's...blech, blech, gag! It's disgusting!"

"I know. Rose Nylund is famous for her Lindstrom Surprise. It's herring pie. The surprise is you think it's pie - like apple - but when you bite into it, it's herring! Tomorrow I'll make you some Sperhuven Krispies."

Filled with dozens of Golden-age recipes for fans of the funny, feisty, and when we're talkin' Blanche, let's face it, foxy four the Golden Girls Cookbook helps you relive the beloved bluehead TV series through Blanche, Dorothy, Rose, and Sophia's food. And even if nostalgia for the show doesn't draw you to the Golden Girls Cookbook, the collection of recipes inside is a mashup worthy of any chef's kitchen: dishes from Sicily, St. Olaf, and the American South all sharing the pages between the same two covers.

Accompanying the gift for Mom-ready Golden Girls Cookbook's recipes are quotes, factoids, and color photos from the show.

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