The Fart That Got Away

Posted: October 29, 2019
The Fart That Got Away
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Yes, The Fart That Got Away is a book about farts. But at its heart, at the heart of its fart, it's a book about friendship. The camaraderie, the respect, and the admiration between a man (OK, pubescent boy) and the gas that he's passed.

And the gas that's passed by him. As its title suggests, The Fart That Got Away is going to show us love only briefly, before focusing on the story of what often follows love: loss. The Fart That Got Away is the story of what happens when we unexpectedly lose someone close to us, the emotional struggle of wondering why they left, where they went, what we could have done to make them stay.

Of his vanished fart the boy wonders, Did he move to LA to become rich & famous? Or to outer space? To relax on Uranus?

Not to ruin the book, but in the interest of not leaving you feeling melancholy for the rest of the day, I'll let you know there's a happy ending. A sort of Frosty the Snowman reminder that while The Fart That Got Away is gone for now, if you hang tight he'll be back again one day.

Say, the next time your mama makes jambalaya or her famous Firehouse Chili.

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