The Big Coloring Book of Sex Positions

Posted: March 29, 2012

According to The Big Coloring Book of Sex Positions, "Sex curls our toes, sparks our imagination, delightfully stimulates a multitude of sensations, makes us have funny faces, makes us docile and makes us crazy." Apparently, it also inspires us to bust out the Crayolas and water colors. Whether the thought of sex sends a rush of blood north to your cheeks, or a rush of blood south to your...something else...author and illustrator Morgan Hastings' tongue-in-cheek romp of ink outlines, puzzles, and games makes for a sexcellent twist to an evening at home with your honey, or a less mind-numbing way to color with the kids, and do the crossword with Grandma.

As in his Big Coloring Book of Vaginas, Hastings manages to convey a vibe of whimsy and good humor, while still keepin' it real with his kinky images and language. If there is one thing Hastings doesn't do in The Big Coloring Book of Sex Positions, it's hold back. And if you think the drawing on the title page we've included in our photo set is prime panties-in-a-bunch material, take a gander at the two we bowed out of running over at Big Book Alt Press, Hastings' publication site. They were just a little too graphic for a medium as, uh, classy and respectable as this one. By the way, has anyone seen the 55-Gallon Barrel of Lube and the Boob Scarf?

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