The Atlas of Happiness

Posted: May 18, 2019
The Atlas of Happiness
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Looks like Denmark's Hygge concept has set off a trend. Now the Danes' methods aren't enough - we need a whole Atlas of Happiness to figure out The Global Secrets of How to Be Happy. Author Helen Russell delves into other countries' searches to find happiness and meaning in their lives in this illustrated guide. She shares their approaches and secrets, giving readers not only helpful tips on achieving their own preferred level of contentment, but also insight into how different cultures view the concept of happiness, and what physical and spiritual steps they feel will lead them to it.

Philosophies and methods included in The Atlas of Happiness include:

  • Sobremesa from Spain
  • Turangawaewae from New Zealand
  • Azart from Russia
  • Tarab from Syria
  • Joie de vivre from Canada

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