Star Wars: The Blueprints

Posted: December 14, 2013
Star Wars: The Blueprints
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In Star Wars: The Blueprints, "the meticulously researched text gives voice to the groundbreaking and brilliant engineers, designers, and artists that have, in film after film, created the most imaginative and iconic locales." You know what that means? I don't. I have no clue what that stuck up librarian gobbledegook means. But if it's any indication of what kinds of sentences are inside Star Wars: The Blueprints, then this is probably a book I'm going to buy just for the pictures.

Original technical drawings, photographs, and illustrations from the Luasfilm Archives fill most of the 336 pages in Star Wars: The Blueprints. Many even in appear in size XL double-folded pages so people with normal human eyesight can pore over their details. In all, the book contains over 250 blueprints, more than 500 photos and illustrations, and 10 gatefolds. I guess gatefolds is the word for XL double-folded pages. Here we go with the fancy talk again.

Speaking of which, fancy talk/gobbledegook contained within this behind-the-scenes presentation of the Star Wars galaxy comes courtesy of author JW Rinzler, who probably also sneaks in a few words about how stormtroopers would have been better battled with identity discs than blasters.

Blueprints contained in the book include the rebel blockade runner, the Millennium Falcon, the bridge of General Grievous' flagship, and Jabba the Hutt's throne room.

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