Seven Brief Lessons on Physics

Posted: March 07, 2016
Seven Brief Lessons on Physics
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Seven Brief Lessons on Physics. While there are 2 words in that title I do not care for--"Lessons" and "Physics"--that the word "Brief" precedes them makes the whole concept of Carlo Rovelli's introduction to modern physics a little easier to stomach.

But I'll still point out that "Seven" of them are about six more than my ideal number, Carlo.

Seven Brief Lessons on Physics aims for graspable, enjoyable, and playful in its explanations and discussions where other books on the topic might simply settle for frustrating, incomprehensible, and mind-numbingly boring. Rovelli delves into the following topics: Einstein's theory of general relativity; quantum mechanics; elementary particles; gravity; black holes; the complex architecture of the universe; and the role humans play in the world.

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