Seinfeld: The Official Cookbook

Posted: August 02, 2022
Seinfeld: The Official Cookbook
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Not even looking at the blurb before I write this: if they want to call it Seinfeld: The Official Cookbook, there better be recipes for a big salad, a chocolate babka, a marble rye, and some motherf'ing soup inside.

Seinfeld: The Official Cookbook is the first ever official Seinfeld cookbook, which is both surprising since so many of the episodes had running themes of food, and also not surprising since a lot of the food Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer discussed doesn't lend itself well to cookbook recipes for the home cook. (See aforementioned babka and rye.) The description says Seinfeld: The Official Cookbook brings to life and stovetops over 60 recipes from the show, but doesn't list any of them. And the photos of the book - which is full-color, with tons of photos and extras, and looks very nice by the way - include just four: Black-and-White Cookies; Elaine's Muffin Tops; Long Wait Lo Mein; and The Butter Shave Turkey. The last complete with a photo of Kramer with his oven-roasted head sticking out of the bird.

At printing, fans of the 90s sitcom could pre-order Seinfeld: The Official Cookbook, which will be officially released on October 11, 2022.

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