Random Illustrated Facts

Posted: October 30, 2017
Random Illustrated Facts
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Random Illustrated Facts isn't just a book of trivia. Mike Lowery's Collection of Curious, Weird, and Totally Not Boring Things to Know is a book of trivia with pictures! Four gatefolds and hundreds of infographics' worth! And, like the Theory of Everything and people who have achieved their 7th Chakra, the infographics open our eyes to how all of it is connected.

In Random Illustrated Facts you'll read about Civil War soldiers' coffee recipe, Al Capone's business card, and ancient Chinese emperors. Spoiler: Ancient Chinese emperors would hide a Pekingese up their sleeve as a last line of defense. You'll learn about all the ways people used to put their urine to use. And you'll discover opium's most popular use in the 1800s. Hint: I wish parents could still use it for that today.

A swell coffee table book, addition to the doctor's waiting room, or gift for the one person in your office you were hoping not to draw for Secret Santa, Random Illustrated Facts provides a ton of offbeat, colorful (literally) answers to questions even Jeopardy! would never think to ask.

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