Protection from Burnout! Pocket Guide

Posted: December 20, 2021
Protection from Burnout! Pocket Guide
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Protection from Burnout!: A Workaholic's Guide to Taking a Fucking Break is a pocket-sized how-to for the overworked and overwrought that many, many, many...most...almost all of us could use right now. Except for my Aunt Jan, who spends the majority of her life telling everyone she needs - and then taking - a fucking break. I know, sister of my mama, sticking your nose in everyone you even kinda sorta know's business, and then passing judgment on them, combined with Karen-ing out at least twice a day, is exhausting.

And for those of you who think I shouldn't be using this platform to rail against my Aunt Jan, I'll have you know I am suffering from burnout, and that is my workaholic's method of taking a fucking break.

Written (hand-written!) and illustrated by Alyssa Giannini of Craftor DIY, the Protection from Burnout! pocket guide contains 8 pages of: 1) the definition of burnout; 2) the symptoms of burnout; 3) how to reset yourself so you don't get engulfed in the burnout flames of no return; and 4) a double-sided worksheet to use in setting work-related boundaries, so you don't cross over into Burnout Land again.

Protection from Burnout!: A Workaholic's Guide to Taking a Fucking Break contains 8 pages condensed into a 2.75" x 4.25" booklet. Giannini notes that in addition to tips for recognizing and fighting burnout, the pocket guide also contains "lots of exclamation points!"

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