Prep: The Essential College Cookbook

Posted: May 15, 2019
Prep: The Essential College Cookbook
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Grads, you got into college, so Prep is assuming you can read. Or at least have really rich parents who can afford to bribe your way in. So in her new book Katie Sullivan Morford endeavors to teach you one of life's other essential skills: cooking.

Of course, if you have those really rich parents, you don't need to learn that either. Just eat out every night, it requires way less time and effort, and if you gain the Freshman 15 (or 50) you can ask for lipo next Christmas.

Prep: The Essential College Cookbook is for grads and college students new to the kitchen, living the good (but scary!) life on their own for the first time. Morford divides her culinary how-to into 10 basic lessons you'll need to feel comfortable cooking your own meals, and then, if it suits you, food for friends.

The Prep cookbook also includes tips on knife skills, the cooking tools you really need (versus the ones you don't), and what to keep on-hand in the pantry.

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