Pet This F*cking Puppy

Posted: June 29, 2020
Pet This F*cking Puppy
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Pet This F*cking Puppy: A Touch-and-Feel Book for Stressed-Out Adults could not have come out at a better time. My cat, Zanzibar, is done with having me home all the time and barely gives me a brush of his tail these days. My wife, She-Ra: Princess of Power, is pretty much the same.

Author Robb Pearlman and illustrator Jason Kayser call Pet This F*cking Puppy the "first-ever touch-and-feel book for grown-ups." I have to disagree with that - haven't they seen Pat the Zombie? - but I do think their take brings a different kind of interactive stress relief to the genre. The kind that reminds you we've all been there, that if you don't laugh about it you'll end up crying. Similar to Go the F**k to Sleep and Nobody Likes a C*ckblock, but for adults like myself who don't necessarily have kids.

Pet This F*cking Puppy has a combination of touch-and-feel and smell elements incorporated into a backdrop of colorful, happy images of calming, joyful scenes. Think puppies. Blankets. Roses. Unicorns.

Note: All puppies, blankets, roses, and unicorns in this touch-and-feel book have provided pre-approval for you to touch and feel them. But it's still probably best to confirm you have their permission before doing it.

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