Perpetual Disappointments Diary

Posted: December 04, 2018
Perpetual Disappointments Diary
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Despite its name the Perpetual Disappointments Diary has made my day. The satirical journal and calendar / weekly planner from Asbury & Asbury serves as a charming and funny reminder, especially at this chaotic time of year (and in history?) that as bad as you think it is...it probably is. But it could be worse.

And soon it probably will be.

The Perpetual Disappointments Diary tracks a year's worth of dates marking notable deaths, plus whatever lackluster plans and tedious obligations, some of which will probably result in a root canal, you have. The diary gets even better / worse though with its weekly demotivational proverbs - "Everything happens for a terrifyingly random reason," "If ignorance is bliss, why are you so sad?" - and data consolidation pages, such as contact information for people who never call and your answers to common Bank Insecurity Questions. Like, "How does it feel watching your friends become successful?" And, "Why do dogs look at you like that?"

Asbury & Asbury published their first Perpetual Disappointments Diary a few years ago, and has been issuing periodic new editions with updates ever since. The listing here is for the 2017 version (though the planner inside is not year specific); a new 2018 update came out in November, but at printing it was available only in the UK. If you happen to live there, check it out here.

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