Men to Avoid in Art and Life

Posted: January 05, 2021
Men to Avoid in Art and Life
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Men to Avoid in Art and Life. Welp. At least I'm not featured in any of the art included in Nicole Tersigni's satire on mansplaining. The real-life modern captions she pairs with the classical fine art in her full-color picture book, however...am I guilty of uttering one or two of them?

Perhaps in my ignorant youth. In my days before meeting my She-Ra: Princess of Power, and her Sword of Protection, in this case wielded to protect us both from me, an average 6/10 dude, saying something condescending and assholic to her, an intellectually and professionally superior 9/10 lady.

The printed version of Men to Avoid in Art and Life grew from a memerrific Twitter thread that similarly paired olden days paintings with apropos quotes that "epitomize the spirit of mansplaining." Topics include: catcalling and it's perfectly logical reasons for use; breastfeeding and menstruation; what women can do to be more attractive to men, and therefore better in general; and dick pics.

Despite being a target of Men to Avoid in Art and Life, I'm choosing not to get all defensive and butt hurt about its existence and contentions, mostly because in addition to being mostly right, it's also hilarious. Grab a copy as a gift for a woman, or a Valentine's Day gift from single gal to single gal.

You know, they glorify that as "Galentine's Day," but if you lonely ladies would just wear a little makeup and smile more, you probably wouldn't need to celebrate it.

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