Posted: April 24, 2019
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I mean, unless it's a bad day, Loo-niversity, I always leave the can feeling lighter and brighter, albeit not from having taken in one or more 50 easily digestible lessons about world history, literature, politics, and science. In his new bathroom reader, Nathan Joyce seeks to - how to put it? - fill in some gaps while you take a crap.

Loo-niversity contains 50 short (1 page, tops) rundowns of various subjects you may have heard of, or kinda, sorta know about, but would probably still embarrass yourself trying to discuss in public. Examples: the cause of WWI; the Communist manifesto; Freud's theory of psychoanalysis; the book David Copperfield; jazz.

Granted, you could look up all of the topics Loo-niversity covers on your phone from the same spot on your porcelain throne, but having them consolidated in a physical book will make it much easier not to get distracted from enriching your knowledge base by TikToks and Reddit. Loo-niversity would also make a good gift for dads who still like their reading material old school.

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