LEGO Weapons Builder's Guide

Posted: May 21, 2012
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LEGO Heavy Weapons, a guide to transforming the iconic building blocks into equally iconic firearms, is author Jack Streat's debut book. Just prior to its publication, he worked full-time at Algebra 2, driver's ed, and asking girls to the prom. Streat is 17 years old. He constructed his first LEGO gun--and posted the results on YouTube--at age 13.

Complete, step-by-step instructions for creating 1:1-scale replicas of 4 of the world's most recognizable guns fill the pages of LEGO Heavy Weapons, along with detailed illustrations and parts listings that call attention to elusive bricks. Directions are deemed accessible and easily followed by all, though the larger weapons will stimulate and challenge even the most adept builders. I guess you could say we'll all get the ultimate bang for our buck. The guide packs how-tos for the following heat:

  • The Desert Eagle handgun, with working blowback action
  • The AKS-74U assault rifle with folding stock
  • The bolt-action Lee Enfield rifle, alias the Jungle Carbine
  • The pump action SPAS combat shotgun

LEGO firearm manuals begin shipping today, May 21, 2012, and vendor No Starch Press is currently offering a 30% discount on the $24.95 list price when using the coupon code listed on their site. Streat will celebrate the book's release by firing a few plastic rounds from his functional LEGO M249 PARA, and taking a few swigs from the bottle of Grand Marnier he slipped out of his parents' liquor cabinet.

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