Ladybird How-To Books for Grown-Ups

Posted: July 30, 2016
Ladybird How-To Books for Grown-Ups
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1960s pictures, 2010s nuggets of wisdom. The London-based Laybirds launched in 1964 as a series of hardback books presenting stereotypes of Brits and their family life. They were intended to help kids learn to read. And also how to be upstanding and conforming members of Western society. This contemporary reboot of the series brings a similar style of simple words and straightforward writing to an adult audience. In hopes of teaching them all the Ladybird lessons they didn't learn, forgot, or ignored as a child.

Throughout 10 topical titles with OG Ladybird artwork, Jason Hazeley and Joel Morris guide grown-ups through important life experiences, such as hangovers, dating, and mid-life crises. They also teach them how to spot and interact with shining examples of some commonly chosen paths in life: husband; wife; dad; mom; and hipster.

An excerpt from How It Works: The Wife:

Wives like to be right.

Sara has been waiting for her husband Tom to arrive. He is half an hour late.

Sara is delighted. She knew this would happen.

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