I'm Dead, Now What?

Posted: July 17, 2018
I'm Dead, Now What?
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I'm Dead, Now What? asks a very philosophical question. One that it makes no attempt to answer within its 96 pages. Sorry. Instead, I'm Dead, Now What? requires you to provide the answers, in this case, Important Information about My Belongings, Business Affairs, and Wishes.

Oh yeah, I'm Dead, Now What? is a focused journal explaining the parts of your life people will care most about after you've bitten the big one: how to cancel, delete, shut down, and, especially, stake claim on your shit. Sounds like the perfect gift for Mom or gift for Dad!

Divided into 17 tabbed sections, I'm Dead, Now What? serves as a planner and aid for people to get their affairs organized and consolidated in a single place, thereby making it easier for their family and friends to administrate their affairs and belongings after they're gone. The book includes space for details ranging from legal to health to financial matters, plus the all-important section "Email and Social Media," providing usernames and passwords to those left behind so they can shut down and delete accounts that are not longer valid. And, in some case, might be painful for others to have to keep seeing.

Obviously anyone who infills so much personal information in I'm Dead, Now What? will also need an appropriate place to store it. A safe deposit box, or maybe one of these safes for the home. Some may argue it's better to keep this information locked up in a digital file, in the cloud or on another Web drive, since that medium can't, say, get destroyed in a fire. True enough. But these days, digital information seems even more susceptible to compromise than something you can physically lock up, so recording all the administrative aspects of your life in a single spiral-bound notebook might not be as crazy as it sounds.

The I'm Dead, Now What? planner includes the following tabs:

  • My Personal Information
  • My Medical Information
  • Key Contact Information
  • At the Time of My Passing
  • My Dependents
  • Important Documents
  • Financial Information
  • Commercial/Business Information
  • What Beneficiaries Can Expect
  • Personal Property
  • Insurance
  • My Pets
  • What to Pay, Close, and Cancel
  • Email and Social Media
  • Miscellaneous Information
  • My Personal Wishes
  • Last Words

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