How to Survive Anything: A Visual Guide

Posted: October 04, 2015
How to Survive Anything: A Visual Guide
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Survival isn't just about learning to live in a world turned on its head, to build shelter in a sea of sand, or to fish with a bobby pin dangling from a shoelace. As Lonely Planet so expertly depicts in their recent graphic how-to guide, the essence of survival is getting through life as it exists right now. Ship wrecks, rip currents, and failed parachutes, sure. But also a hangover, a border crossing, the seven-year itch, a jellyfish sting, a trip to the opera, a blind date, and, my personal favorite, Superglue accidents.

How to Survive Anything: A Visual Guide to Laughing in the Face of Adversity is funny. The artwork is terrific, and who doesn't like books that can impart their message with more pictures than words? The words aren't bad either. While spoofy in appearance, this visual guide does give solid and reliable (albeit pretty basic and general) advice on getting through the full gamut of "downs" you might experience in life. How to Survive Anything might be the first place you can learn to what to do inside a free-falling elevator or minefield, and then flip the page to figure out how get through even worse: small talk; singing karaoke; and bumping into your ex.

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