How to Fix Stuff: Practical Hacks

Posted: July 09, 2022
How to Fix Stuff: Practical Hacks
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At first I thought Tom Scalisi and Tanya Watson wrote How to Fix Stuff: Practical Hacks for Your Home and Garden as a go-to for kids who need an easy gift for Dad or gift for Mom. But now I wonder if it isn't the opposite - a how-to on home hacks for the kids. Specifically, the kids who have finally moved out, but still text Mom & Dad every time their toilet won't stop running or they can't figure out how to start the dishwasher.

These kids, who are for some inexplicable reason called "emerging adults" now, are the types nudging parents would like to learn how to fix stuff, and if they can learn how to fix stuff from a book called How to Fix Stuff, rather than Mom & Dad leading the lessons themselves, well, everybody wins!

Problem is, while most new apartment, condo, and homeowners wouldn't mind knowing 59 Practical Hacks for Your Home and Garden, they're never going to read a book to learn them. Patching a hole in the floor, building a backyard planter, repairing a leaking faucet - great information! Break it all into 59 2-minute-or-less TikTok / YouTube videos, and you might be in business.

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