How to Be a Drug Dealer

Posted: October 24, 2017
How to Be a Drug Dealer
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If Breaking Bad didn't provide enough of an education, How to Be a Drug Dealer should fill in any gaps left in your study to achieve proficiency and realize success in your pursuit of the street pharmacist profession. In an instructive and illuminating guidebook, author 673126 delivers 60 pages of skills building to help make you the most charismatic, business savvy, intimidating, and high-yielding drug dealer you can be.

Benefits of learning How to Be a Drug Dealer include earning actual cash money for your hard work, being able to afford vacations, and calling yourself "Boss." Downsides are...kind of a buzzkill. We'll talk about them another day.

How to Be a Drug Dealer makes a great addition to any entrepreneur's bookshelf, and any dude's coffee table. Especially when the gf's parents are coming over. And, in case it wasn't obvious, the book isn't a serious manual of breaking into an illegal trade. How to Be a Drug Dealer is for entertainment and novelty gifts only.

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