Horizontal Parenting

Posted: October 28, 2022
Horizontal Parenting
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Horizontal is certainly my favorite way to do most things, so why wouldn't it appeal to parents too? Horizontal Parenting: How to Entertain Your Kid While Lying Down is a manual for moms and dads who just need a frikkin' break. Author Michell Woo and illustrator Dasha Tolstikova have crafted and drawn out 50 "hilarious and effective activities" that revolve around kiddos enjoying a good time, and parents enjoying a bit of bodily stillness - rare interactions with their offspring that won't throw their backs out or require icing of major joints later that night.

Activities included in Horizontal Parenting include:

  • What's on My Butt
  • Hide and Seek-ish
  • Don't Wake the Giant
  • Railroad to Relaxation

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