Handmade Leather Grimoires

Posted: January 18, 2018
Handmade Leather Grimoires
$60 - $275
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Grimoires are books of magic. Recipes for cooking up spells, crafting talismans, and calling forth angels and demons. The pages of a grimoire can protect the secrets of witches and wizards, binding them in leather and charms so none but their creators can use them. Or they can, like, act as the food journal that's part of that 2018 diet you're trying out.

These handmade leather grimoires from MilleCuirs could be a perfect gift for the girlfriend who diaries, the Lovecraft fan who draws, or the beer and fantasy fanboy who keeps notes on all the microbrews he tries.

MilleCuirs makes their leather books in a few different sizes, and lots of different styles. The Necronomicon shown above depicts a spirit with eyes and mouth strapped shut with leather and bronze buckles. Other grimoires are a little less dark, with elegant embossed Trees of Life or creatures of the sea on their covers, while a few take the darkness even deeper with bulging red-eyed and toothy beasts.

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